Picnic Day.

On Monday I went on a picnic with my mom, one of her best friends, and her friend's new son that she adopted from Ethiopia. Isn't he just the most adorable kid in the world? He's so full of energy and love, and has the cutest little voice in the world. He pushed me on the swings, chased squirrels like a madman, and blew bubbles like a pro- he blew a bubble then bounced it on his elbow more than twenty times! Isn't that insane?


  1. ok he's stinkin adorable! i love his little missing tooth!

  2. what a cutie.

    ps, Ashley, you are awesome. and I super duper hope i get to see you in the fall! we have some similar silliness and love for sweets goin' on. wish we lived closer to each other!
    xo moorea


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