Hi, I'm Ashley.

Thanks for visiting my little blog, here is a completely random list of facts about me:

· I was born in Ohio, and now I live in Fair Oaks, California with my husband and three kids (yes, my children are canines).

· Clowns terrify me.

· Jesus is my best friend.

· My birthday is July 4th. The fireworks are for me, in case you didn't already know.

· I haven't eaten meat in 4 years.

· Sugar is my enemy, but I love it ohhhhhsomuch.

· I'll read anything I can, including the back of cereal boxes.

· I should be doing homework, and not writing this list. (Not joking, you should see my to-do list)

· I will have my special education and multiple subject teaching credentials in a year.

· I can't wait to have children (human ones). And I already have names picked out- Dandelion Lenore Gray, Royce Maitland Gray and Rainier DeForest Gray.

· My hair isn't naturally red, even though I pretend to be a ginger. I really hate admitting that one.

· I still sleep with a light on if I can. Usually the husband doesn't let me. He can be mean.

· I ran a half-marathon and then decided I hate running.

· Secretly I wish I was a photographer. I have a Canon Rebel, a Holga, and a Fisheye Camera. I just love pretending to know what I'm doing.

· I just bought my first pair of earrings.

· I want to live in the middle of nowhere, on a dirt road, with an apple orchard and a beautiful view.

· I was raised on country music, now all I listen to is Christian music. Need To Breathe and Taylor Swift make me happy.

· Oh, and I love this blog.
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