And She's Back.

It's been almost eight months since I've logged into blogger. I thought about deleting my blog a few times, thought about just ignoring it forever, and every once in awhile I'd say to myself "I wish I still wrote in that darn thing". But I couldn't justify starting again, and of course I over analyze everything. I'm a mom now, I've got laundry to wash, diapers to change, and a baby to play with. What reason do I have to start blogging again? Isn't it just a waste of my valuable nap time hours? Well, maybe but who cares. It takes just a few minutes a day and it's fun. I like writing, I enjoy sharing pictures with whoever wants to see, and really I don't care that I don't have a reason to blog besides the fact that I want to.

Or maybe I just want to because I should be working out right now. Yeah, that could be it too. But regardless, I'm here.

Now I won't do a recap of the last eight months, I'm pretty sure anybody that's reading this already knows what happened. I continued to get really pregnant, and you know what happens next- the baby comes out, the sleep goes away, the baby grows, and life is never the same. I absolutely love being a mother. It's the best, most amazing, challenging, emotional, difficult, and sometimes downright hilarious thing I've ever done.






Rainier's 3 month photos by Ashlee Gadd


Latest Obsession.

I have been wanting a juicer for awhile now, and I finally bought one. I went ahead and bought a cheaper one from Target, and it works amazingly! It makes so much juice, and is super easy to clean up.

My favorite so far is cantaloupe/apple, and plum/peach/apple. Do you have a juicer? What are your favorite drinks? I need recommendations (especially veggie ones because I've only tried one and didn't really love it).



Sometimes prayers take awhile to be answered. But God is amazing, and Hannah got her pet monkey.



She's babysitting this adorable one-eyed monkey for a few weeks. Ever since Hannah was little she dreamed of having a monkey for a pet, and her dream has finally come true. Makes me realize anything is possible, and that's pretty darn exciting.


Bellies & Bags.

I can't believe I'm already 24 weeks and in just 16 short weeks Rainier will be here. Three weeks ago Ashlee took my first maternity pictures, and I love how they turned out. She's doing another round once I get huge, probably around 35 weeks. Hopefully next time she won't have to yell at me to "push OUT", in order to get some proper belly shots.

In other news, I'm having the hardest time finding a diaper bag that I like. I'm so picky, I know, but there just aren't very many cute ones to choose from. At first I wanted one that looked like a purse, but they are all either too shiny or too flashy (or too expensive like this one) so I gave up on that. I really only like plain leather bags, so that just wasn't happening. I definitely don't want a typical printed diaper bag, one with flowers or something equally as annoying on it. I just like simple. So, I think I found the one I want. Granted it's a "dad diaper bag", I think it's perfect. It's from Petunia Pickle Bottom's Scout line. What do you think?

{click for source}


Dear Irmi.

I had this vintage Irmi lamp in my bedroom as a child. Being the terror that I was, I'm sure it was mostly my fault that it fell to pieces and had to be thrown away. When I saw it this past year at my favorite antique store, I had to buy it. It's going to be perfect in Rainier's nursery.

Also, what do you think about that green (the base of the ferris wheel) for wall color?
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