The Dress.

Today I decided to try on one of Hannah's dresses (one that I don't already own for myself, but am now thinking I want to buy), and take a few pictures. I'm hoping to take a few new pictures for Hannah's site soon. The Kenya dress is the perfect spring/summer-time dress, and I wanted to show just how versatile it really is. It can be dressed up or down, paired with heels or flip-flops (or if you are like me moccasins), and it is so stinking comfy. I pictured myself wearing this on the beach in Hawaii, but posing in front of an old fence will have to do for now. While I didn't have enough time or energy to photograph all her dresses today, here are a couple shots.


My favorite part is that the green sheer fabric is longer in the back, and it makes for a great twirling dress- your inner 6 year old would love it. It also comes with a matching drawstring belt, but I like to pair everything with the belt shown, I just can't help it.

Also, just so you know, all proceeds from Hannah's shop go to fund her missionary work. She is currently in Liberia where she is working with Amani Ya Juu to open their newest location. She continues to need funding so that she can stay in Africa until November, and then go back again later of course. Hannah plans on spending her life working in the missionary field, so support is always needed. She has a new project she's starting soon as well, and I will keep you updated when that gets underway.


  1. Beautiful! Did you get the remote? I can't tell...you could be hiding it under the part of the dress you're holding haha. Also, I think your hair grew 10 inches since last night because it looks SO LONG in these photos.

  2. You look amazing in green! Its your color, for reals!!

  3. thats such a pretty dress! and i love that color :)


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