Knocked Up Out.

No, I'm not pregnant but I do have a funny story about getting "knocked up".

Yesterday, I went to sub for an hour in the Kindergarten class where I used to student teach. When I sat down with the kids, one of the little boys runs up to me and screams, "MRS. GRAY CAN WE PLAY THAT GAME WHERE I GET KNOCKED UP?"

The game is 'Knock Out'. How do you explain to a 5 year old what the difference is, especially when laughing hysterically?

{I had to share an adorable picture with such an adorable story. Isn't little Maren the most precious kid in the world?}

Oh, and I bet you thought I forgot all about my little blog here, didn't you? Nope, didn't forget about it... just let it take a quick rest. I think I'm back for now, but who knows.


  1. HA! oh goodness thats hilarious. gotta love the those kiddos!

  2. Hello! Back with a bang!

    Innocence makes mistakes like these so funny.

  3. I love your blog so much. All your pictures are beautiful - wonderful job!

  4. this is such a beautiful blog!
    love it...this reminds me of some of the stories Gervaise Phinn often tells in his work which document his time working with children in Yorkshire.


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