Project ThreeSixtyFive: Week Thirteen.

Last week's pictures make me smile. I love Spring and all the wonderfullness of it (yup, that's a word I don't care what you say). What more could you ask for than pretty backyards, yummy treats, pregnant bellies, fresh flowers, spring dresses, happy dogs, and bbqs? The only thing I'm missing is my hammock and a day off work, but that will come soon.


And please say a prayer that I survive this week. Even though it's the middle of the semester all of my classes are coming to an end. I have my PACT (a hundred or so page report/videotape/lesson plan) due Sunday, my RICA (four hour reading instruction test) on Saturday, my VAPA (visual and performing arts) class final due tomorrow, and tonight is the last night of my technology instruction course. Holy MOLY! But then all I have left for this semester is student teaching, including two weeks of solo teaching, and an observation final, neither of which I'm stressed about!

PS If I do survive this week, I promise I'll start posting more than just my Project 365 pictures... really, I will.


  1. oh my gosh! good luck with everything and i pray you survive with your sanity in tact!

  2. Holy! Well, the good news is after this week it'll all be over! My advice? Work harder than you have ever worked, try not to stress too much, get it over with, and then erase it from your memory completely. That's how I dealt with finals time every semester anyway, haha.

  3. I am feeling the exact same way with the end of the semester- totally overwhelmed. It will be over soon. And I only have student teaching left as well & I am completely excited for it. I have to do it (all alone) for an entire semester- next fall. I am still waiting to find out where I'll be placed. Keeo your eyes on the prize. It will be summer soon.


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