What Makes Me Smile.

After reading Kyla's post, I was inspired to make my own 'happiness list'. There are some days (actually most days) when I need a little pick me up, and if I don't make a conscious effort to do something to brighten my mood- it only gets worse. I've battled with severe depression since I was 18 (that's 8 long years), and am always looking for positive ways to overcome dark days. I've also had doctor's tell me that I have ADHD, which I don't listen to, so remembering these things takes a little extra effort on my part. That's where the list making comes in, I make to-do lists for just about everything in my life. At the moment I have 11 'stickies' on my macbook, a couple almost as big as the screen itself. So here is my list of what makes me happy, a little reminder of all the things I can do to brighten my mood. I'm thinking about printing this out & posting it a few places in my house as well.

Take a picture.
Cuddle with Horton.
Take a bubble bath.
Buy flowers from Trader Joes.
Brew a glass of loose-leaf tea.
Read my Bible.
Send someone an email just to say hi.
Go for a walk.
Develop a roll of film.
Write a letter on my typewriter.
Go to a yoga class.
Make something pretty.
Go to bed early.
Eat a piece of chocolate & don't feel bad about it.
Have a dance party by myself.
Read my entire google reader.
Skype with someone I miss.
Clean out my email inbox.
Play one of my dad's old records.
Organize a drawer or cabinet.
Comment on a few blogs.
Play fight with Jordan.
Pluck my eyebrows.
Give myself a manicure.
Get a pedicure.
Clean out my purse.
Bake cookies.
Listen to an old favorite song.
Take a long nap.
Hangout at my parent's house.
Have dinner/lunch with a friend.
Watch tv with Jordan & don't argue about what to watch.
Go to Big Spoon & put as many toppings on as possible.
Eat a healthy meal.
Go to the House of Prayer.

Can you think of any other things to add to this list? I'm sure you've got some great ideas.

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  1. Love the list of things to do!! Go to bed early sounds very nice!

    The Smith Circle

  2. So many of these things make me happy, too! Including - cleaning out purse, taking a walk, taking naps and having dinner with friends. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that I know all of these things already make you happy :)

    But one thing is missing--ME!! Haha. Good thing you get to see me tonight!

  4. ps; The link you put to Kyla's post actually goes to her planner DIY :)

  5. you forgot "hang out with iris" but i'll let it slide for now ;)

  6. Ummm skype with Katie or how about visiting Katie, Shonna, and Carissa in Orange County?!

  7. PS when I just left that comment it said I could comment as Livejournal account ahahahahaha. brought back so many memories!


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