Project ThreeSixtyFive: Week Eight.

This was a rough week with my sister leaving and all, but at least I have a funny picture of her the night before she hopped on that plane. Who else would wear a scarf, hat, leather jacket and pj pants? Well, Hannah of course- she wanted to look cute in case we took pictures before she left. Little did she know, all I wanted was a full body shot of this amazing outfit!


//sneak peek of alison's latest project//grow hair grow//hannah's last night//trying on glasses//warby parker//mister horton//my lifesavers aka slippers//

PS Did you see the new Project 365 button I made? Now I can finally keep track of all these posts easily.


  1. haha Love the pajama bottoms! That jacket is super cute though! it hard leaving a sibling...mine just left wednesday and I am trying not to think about it!

    The Smith Circle

  2. I admire you so much for doing a 365 day project. I'm doing a 52 week one, and tend to fall behind a day or two.

    Love your hair & color here.

  3. oh my gosh those wayfarers are just way cute! i wish i could pull them off as well as you do ♥

  4. love horton! is there every going to be a week with out the dogs? Probably not! lol..."hey, look at horton hannah, look look. Isn't he so cute when he sits there doing nothing, look look, now he is looking at me!" lol


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