Grandma's Closet.

I've had this vintage Oscar de la Renta silk scarf hanging from my bookshelf since my grandma passed away years ago. I've never found a way to wear it, I'm just not that talented with scarfs or any other difficult piece of fashion. But I finally pulled it down and was determined to find a way to wear it today.


My sister is going to laugh when she sees this post. The day after she left I definitely raided her closet. She has so much cute stuff, and she is going to be gone for the next year. It's like I got a whole new wardrobe.
{vintage oscar de la renta silk scarf; sister's white button up; thrifted crocheted sweater also from my sister's closet; thrifted jeans; minnetonka moccasins}


  1. sweet! New clothes that you didn't have to pay for!! That scarf is so cute, I love it in your hair!

  2. hahaha I just asked mom is there was anything left in my closet! Love this outfit! you look great! I love the second photo you look gorgous!

  3. oh please that's what sisters are for: to go through their closet when they're gone, take all the good stuff and hope they don't recall it being missing when they come back.

  4. Love this outfit! I have trouble with scarves sometimes as well. Definitely going to try this with my hair & a scarf. Too cute!!

  5. Hi Ashley,

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  6. Sisters have the best clothes to borrow, because it's normally something you like, but wouldn't buy, now you don't have to buy anything new!


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