The Return Of The Sleeptalker.

Jordan is probably going to kill me for posting this, because I haven't even told him about it yet. But it's just too funny to not share, and I'm sure Liz is going to get a kick out of this- I'm pretty sure he was dreaming about you in this one!

Last night I got to bed pretty late because I stayed up Skypeing with Hannah. Jordan was sound asleep, and this was the conversation we had. I about peed my pants it was so funny:

Jordan: Hey have you seen my artwork?
Me: What artwork?
Jordan: My artwork, it's hanging from the ceiling (he points up).
Me: HAHA, yeaaahh now I see it.
Jordan: You really need to make a hole in the wall.
Me: What? A hole in the wall?
Jordan: Yeah for my Mexicans?
Jordan: For MY Mexicans! You need to make a hole in the wall so they can get out and get to work already! They need to get to work.

Ohhhh boy, what in the world goes through his head when he's asleep?

{Image from WeHeartIt}


  1. LOL looks like I will be having a talk with him tomorrow at dinner! Better get my hole ready! Hahahaha.

  2. Hahaha! Oh wow, that is so funny!

    PS; so jealous i won't be there tomorrow night! :(

  3. hahah this is awesome!! I so love doing this to my husband! They talk about the funniest thing in their sleep! I remember one time he told me Mickey Mouse was going to kill us haha

  4. hahahaha. i love telling them after they are awake what they were talking about..nice and embarassing

  5. Ha! My husband sleep talks, too, and it is the funniest thing I've ever heard.

    One night we planned an evening out with friends and that night in bed, asleep, he sat up in bed and started tapping me on the shoulder. I woke up and saw him sitting up and said, "What are you doing?" He replied, "Getting out of the way so Joe can cook the chicken."

    Your conversation is probably the best I've heard. Usually mine end like 2 lines in because he's not too far asleep to where he's completely incoherent and has no idea he's talking. He'll usually wake up pretty quickly. But I still try and keep it going as long as I can.


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