I Can't Wait

Sometimes when life gets rough I enjoy a good long session of daydreaming. Here are a few things I've been daydreaming about lately, which won't be dreams for long.

I can't wait...

To work in 'Beach Babies' nursery at church.

To Skype with my sister. Yes, I miss her already.

To get new glasses from Warby Parker.

For 6.11.2011 aka first day of summer break.

To get outside & play around with my film cameras more often.

& for my hair to finally grow as long as hers.

{Image 1,3 & 4 are from WeHeartIt. Image 5 found on Pinterest. What horrible sourcing, I know.}

Update: I wrote this list yesterday and then I Skyped with Hannah for an hour before bed. Let me just tell you- Skype is a lifesaver. I feel so much better that we have it, it's going to make the next year a lot more bearable.


  1. i want long hair like that too! and your sister is gorgeous by the way!

  2. What a lovely list. :) I adore that "see the sun" photo! It's been so long since we've seen it here in Chicago...



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