I Can't Wait.

While I love everything that Katie blogs, her I Can't Wait posts always make me smile. I love making lists, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. But I also love the anticipation of making a list of all the things I'm excited to do. So often my to-do lists are full of things I really really really don't want to even think about doing, but have to. So today, I decided to make my own I Can't Wait list & be a total copycat. Here it is.

I can't wait...

To go to Renegade with my favorite girls.

To take the world's longest nap once this semester is over.

For my sister's online shop to open.

To visit McCloud this winter.

To start using my cameras again & hopefully steal my dad's old Nikon.

& of course for Santa to get here already.


  1. ahh your cute!! WISH I was going to renegade with your girlies too! :(

  2. Your sister is opening a shop?? I love looking at her pieces. :)

  3. I can't wait for Renegade either!! And now I want to do an "I Can't Wait" post haha. Love you <3

  4. Erin- I wish you were too!

    Sarah- Thank you <3

    Ashley- Yes! I'm actually working with Liz & her on that this week. She needs to raise $ so she can move to Africa, so this will be a fundraiser of sorts :)

    Liz- You should! I could have made mine a lot longer... but I'll save the rest for later!

  5. i'm very excited for hannah to open her shop!

  6. Oooh! You're going to Renegade? I might be in SF that day anyway. What day were you thinking of going?


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