A First.

I wrote my first "guest post" for Erin aka Happy Owl (I love that girl!). Now I know most people share DIYs and other fun things like that when they guest blog, but I wanted to share something that was close to my heart. Volunteering time, donating money (when I actually have any), and helping others is something I've always loved to do. I just want to encourage everyone to reach out to someone in their community this holiday season, and brighten their life, even if it's just with a kind word and helping hand. It will make your holidays a million times more magical, I promise. So head on over to Erin's blog, and say hello.

{PS I am done with 3/4 of my classes for this semester, and I only have two more semesters left of grad school. I'm doing the happy dance right now. Liz, you know which one that is *pointsfingersandspinsinacircle*}


  1. yeah! love you back!! thanks again friend. xoxo

  2. So sweet :)! Congrats on almost graduating! That's so exciting! I really need to go back to school. BLAH!


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