Wish List: Cold Weather Edition.

Dear Santa,

I am horrible at dressing for this cold weather. Wearing dresses and light sweaters just isn't cutting it. So how about you send me a couple of these pretties for Christmas? Thank you.

Love, Ashley.

{PS Isn't it obvious that I don't know how to dress for cold weather? Half of these have short sleeves. I really need help.}

Oh, and Santa in case your elves aren't very good at sewing, you can get these sweaters/jackets here:
1. Anthropologie 2. Modcloth 3,4&5. Urban Outfitters 6. Anthropologie


  1. You are great at dressing for winter inside. Short sleeves are great at winter parties!

  2. wow, great sweater choices, I especially love bottom right one.

    also, I'm doing my very first giveaway and I'm really nervous but it's for a good cause. I'll be giving away coffee from One Bean to let people know about the company and what my school is doing with the company for the primary school we built in Sierra Leone, 2007. If you're interested, it'd be lovely if you participate <3


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