Twelve Weeks.

Recently, Ashley sent me some PDFs from Two Peas In A Bucket, that have twelve weeks worth of photography tutorials. Ashlee (I love Ashleys/Ashlees) is going to be doing these with me. The only thing is that, since we are both ridiculously busy, we agreed that there are no time limits. Who cares if we don't finish the thing in 12 weeks, anyway? I sure don't. But I am excited to learn how to use my camera, and I'm taking you along with me.

Click here for a link to the class.

PS Anybody else want to work through these tutorials with us? I promise it will be fun.

{Image from WeHeartIt}


  1. have fun! Sounds like a great little adventure :) If you have challenges, I'd love to do them along with you and Ashlee! I always need practice.

  2. By challenges I mean...like assignments.

  3. Fun! I can't wait until I join you cool kids in camera club :)

  4. Hooray!! I think you will find them super useful and easy. :)

  5. I want to do this too! 12 weeks is optimistic...but I'll try!


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