The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful.

This weekend went so fast, no wonder I feel like my brain is made out of spaghetti today. At least my kindergartners thought it was funny to see me act like the world's biggest klutz today. I swear I was tripping over my own feet all morning and they just kept giggling.

This weekend was Hannah's benefit/fashion show, I Left My Heart in Kenya. It turned out absolutely perfect. The place was packed, and all {or almost all} of my favorite people were there. Hannah raised a good chuck of money for her missionary work, and we sold so much Amani stuff. Robyn Lee photographed the event, and let me tell you... she is one talented photographer. And she is so(oooo) nice, if you are ever looking for someone to take your picture- I HIGHLY recommend you call her. She already posted a few pictures in a 'sneak peek' album on facebook. Here are a couple of my favorites, I will post more later of course.

Isn't Katie beautiful? All the models were, but she is my favorite of course.

Oh, and the 'bad' part of my weekend. Last night Hannah and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love. I had fun getting tons of candy and hanging out with my sister. And I'm sorry if you disagree, but what a waste of ten dollars. I should have known better, considering I didn't really like the book either. I just don't understand what people find inspirational about her story? Correct me if I'm wrong, but the entire book is a story of how she constantly conforms to the people around her, can't make decisions for herself, and in the end falls in love... runs away, but finally makes the right decision because some medicine man tells her to. Okay, now that I got that out of my system I can be happy again.


  1. I am bummed I missed the fashion show but the photos are GORGEOUS! I seriously love her clothes! She needs to open a shop ASAP ;)

  2. Gorgeous photos! Don't feel bad about disliking the movie. I didn't even give it a chance...never read the book or saw the movie. That kind of thing definitely isn't for everyone!

  3. i'm sorry i missed it too! i would have totally snagged that yellow dress! maybe if i beg profusely she'll make another one!

  4. I read it as a story of how she learnt how to not constantly conform to the people around her, learnt how to finally make decisions for herself, and learnt that it IS okay to fall in love.

    I liked knowing that even at 32 you don't always have it all worked out. (I'm 25.) I loved the book.

    But that's just what I think. :)

  5. Oh my! Look at these, I can't wait to see the rest of the photos :) I also hope I don't look awkward in the rest, ha! Cause...that's how I look in real life, walking around target talking to myself with half an afro...freak show!

    I thought Eat Pray Love was a terrible too! About half way through I was like, uh, give me a break! Her trials & tribulations were so trivial & common yet the whole movie was melodramatic. Even after meeting people with bigger problems than hers along the way she still has a hard time getting over herself. Glad you ranted cause it gave me an excuse to also :)

  6. I love Katie's *model* expression in all of these. She's so good. And the clothes! Hannah did an amazing job, as always. I wish I could have made it.

  7. I can't believe I've never commented on this post before!! Ahhh!! Well, thank you for the kind words & the shout out! I appreciate it! You all were so incredibly sweet also, I am honored I could help out by photographing this event. : )

    Happy Holidays!


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