I love reading. It's what I do to relax, and escape the stress of my ridiculously busy life. But I'm an odd reader, I'm not the kind of person to have a novel by my bed that I pick up every night. If I'm in the novel reading mood, I have a stack that I'm half way through. But then there are plenty of times I just don't want to read novels, and so I reach for other things. Sometimes it's blogs and online journals, sometimes its magazines, sometimes a picture book or two, and sometimes I even like to read my textbooks. Imagine that. My ADD definitely kicks in when it comes to reading. At the moment, this is what I'm reading {and I am loving it}:

Frankie Magazine.

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts.

& my three favorite picture books at the moment:

Over the Rainbow.

The Sandwich Swap.

Freckleface Strawberry.

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  1. I ADORE Frankie mag! I actually was pleasantly surprised when I found a copy of a recent issue at my local barnes & nobles.


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