I ♥ Fall.

The other day, on the first day of Fall, I read my kindergarteners a story about Fall to start off the day. But before beginning the book, I asked them if they knew what 'Fall' was. Almost all of my students raised their hands, and came up with following answers:

  • It means... ummm... the sky is blue?

  • Fall is when we wear our jackets because it's cold.

  • It's when the leaves change colors.

  • Halloween!

  • It's when I go to the pumpkin patch.

  • Apple Hill is in the Fall.

  • {And then of course, my genius child had to shout out} NO MRS. GRAY, Fall is Autumn, it's the season that comes after Summer!

Besides Mr. SmartyPants, I loved their answers. It's so refreshing to see the world from a child's perspective, and I was reminded how badly I want to go to Apple Hill. Maybe I can talk Jordan into going this weekend!

Image from WeHeartIt.

P.S. This is my 100th post! Thought that was pretty exciting.


  1. awe little cuties. i'm excited about all those things too. i just wish the weather would hurry up and start getting cold.

    congrats on 100 posts ashley!

  2. I love Apple Hill. Every year my parents and I went there the day after Thanksgiving to cut down our Christmas tree. Of course we would load up on pie and other goodies while there.

  3. Iris- Seriously, I hate this weather! It makes me sad.

    Brandi- I really want to cut down my own tree this year, that sounds like so much fun!


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