Yipee, I learned something new today. Thanks to the photography course I'm working through, I learned what aperture means. I knew basically what it meant, but I was finally able to see how changing the f/stop affects the picture. Basically, when you use a low f/stop, less of the picture is going to be in focus. When you use a higher f/stop, on the other hand, more of the picture will be in focus.




My friend explained it to me this way- Say you have a line of 22 people. If you just want the first three people in focus, set your camera at f/3. If you want to have the first 8 people in focus and the rest blurred, set your camera at f/8. And if you want to clearly show all 22 people, set your camera at f/22.

I can't wait to play with the aperture some more this weekend. So, who's following along with me? Have you had a chance to read through the first week?


  1. I'm following along but due to a nasty cold I have yet to play around with aperture or even read the chapter :( Fingers crossed I will feel better soon so I can share some of my photos.

  2. I was learning about this in my photo class last night and it has been hard for me to grasp. This actually helped it all make sense! thanks for letting us in on it :)

  3. Ash these photos look great! I have been CONSUMED with bootcamp this month so I'm a little behind but I am indeed following along! I love your friend's analogy--makes perfect sense. Can't wait to see more pics!

  4. Brandi- I hope you feel better soon! I'm so glad you are doing this too. And just so you know the reading is SUPER short. Can't wait to see your pictures <3

    Heather- Awwh, I wish I was in an actual class! I bet you are learning tons. And glad I could help.

    Ashlee- I was just going to email you! I figured we could just do it whenever we free time. I doubt I'll start week two next week, so I'm sure we'll eventually be at the same place :) And I want to do bootcamp! I'm jealous :)

  5. That was a great analogy for aperture settings. I always have a hard time remembering, so thank you!

  6. I totally love the explanation! It makes sooo much more sense now. Thanks!

  7. that analogy totally makes sense lol. i never thought of it that way :)

  8. I learnt that recently to! Ever since I've mostly shot using aperture priority mode with the lowest aperture setting. Always produces the best photos! :)

  9. You're welcome, everyone. If anybody has any pointers... please feel free to send them my way too! And Joanne, I need to use it more! I usually just use the 'Program' mode and change the white balance. Not too fancy.

  10. What a great way to explain it! I teach high school photography, and I am always trying to think of interesting little tricks to tell my students....
    So far I just tell them to think of Ansel Adams as using F22- It is a smaller opening, so we have to leave the shutter open for longer to get the right amount of light in. Because the aperture is open for a long time, we get more in focus.
    If you can just remember that all the numbers are really FRACTIONS, it will start to make sense :)


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