Sweet Tooth.

Now before I begin, let me tell you what I mean when I tell you that I have a sweet tooth. I'm not your normal, I like to back cupcakes and have a candy bar on occasion, girl who likes her sweets. I am a sugar fiend/addict, and it's not fun. It was easier for me to quit my pack-a-day cigarette habit, than it is for me to turn down sweets. If I could have my way, I'd eat candy/cookies/cake all stinking day. And there have been plenty of days where I did just that. Now, it might seem a little silly and those of you that know me well are probably laughing because you know this is true. And I'm sure Liz will tell you about the cheesecake incident if you don't believe me. But really, I've had enough.

Here comes the good news... drumroll please... it's been 10 days! I haven't had any sweets. I even turned down the most adorable little cupcakes and cookies at the Stitch Swap! I know 10 days doesn't seem like long, but it's a huge accomplishment and I feel great. My original goal was 14 days, which I'm sure I can do. But now I'm thinking I'll keep going. What do you think? Maybe 30 days without sweets?

PS How amazing would it be to live in that candy store?

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  1. Wow, good for you on the sweetie ban!! I have to do the same to my self with starbucks peppermint lattes and tinderbox cupcakes x

  2. Proud of you! If you can go the whole month without it that would be amazing. You can do it :)
    Psst...your link to me is broken <3

  3. Steph- Thank you! But uhhhohhh- now I want a peppermint latte :( hahaha.

    Liz- I knew you would be proud! I really hope I can do it. As long as I don't see any of those little cheesecakes I'll be fine :) And I fixed it <3

  4. Way to go! That's really amazing. Everyone has their weaknesses and 10 days is a long time to be without. Keep up the good work! I say if you can go 30 days, go for it!

  5. um hello, i can totally relate (and kt and cj too). i find that i HAVE to give it up 100% or i will binge. i usually do lent until the holidays. i started eating sweets a bit after my bali trip but im back to no sweets. keep going!! once you get over the beginning it gets easy. someone asks you if you want something, all you have to say is "no thanks!"

    go ash!

    p.s. gonna see you REAL SOON!

  6. ah a fellow sweets addict! i know exactly how you feel! i wish i was as strong as you and could go that long without sweets, good luck!!


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