This Is Me Being Demanding.

I'm, by no means, a shoe girl. I actually would much rather be barefoot all day long, but that doesn't always work out. Which is why I'm obsessed with cute, but extremely comfortable, shoes. And I want all of these, right NOW. And yes, I will pout if I don't get them.

Darlingtonia Moccasins.

Saltwater Sandals.

The Generation Flats.

Corduroy Toms.

Alright, now if someone can buy all of these for me that would be fabulous. Jordan... hint, hint.


  1. I am in love with the new corduroy TOMS. Love them. I want the purple ones.

  2. im also obsessed with my new toms. and you know me. i hate shoes. good luck with that! haha.

    p.s. can you please re-do my blog already. it looks like poo.

  3. I have the saltwater sandals, they are sweet.


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