Daddy Dearest.

While helping my mom clean out the garage the other day, I found my dad's old photo albums. They were full of treasures, which forced me to waste hours ooohhhing and awwhiiing over how cool he was. Here are a few of my favorites.

Look how adorable my great grandma was.

California's attempt at a Woodstock.

My dad got in trouble for mowing a peace sign in the lawn while in the Air Force.

He even used to build & fly hang gliders. Pretty impressive, huh?


  1. Those photos are amazing. I'd love to go through my parents or grandparents old photos. That first one is my favorite.

  2. Dude! Dad said to never tell ANYONE about the peace sign in the field! Now you tell the whole internet world. Way to go. lol

  3. I love old photos!!! It's so strange to imagine that there was a life before your own! The colours and everything are so great too.

  4. That is AWESOME about your dad and the peace sign! Haha.

    I love old photos!

  5. I LOVE these photos!! It's so fun to look back at our parents when they were our age. Pictures really are priceless =)

  6. I love old photos too :) And that peace sign story is hilarious!

  7. I'm a big fan of old pics... my dad has been scanning all of our old slides on to the computer and posting them on Flickr. It's so fun to see pics of him and my mom before they had kids, and pictures of me and my siblings when we were little that I never knew existed!


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