Sorry I haven't been here in awhile. School is taking over my life at the moment. But that's okay, I only have a few weeks until Summer break. And let me tell you something- I cannot wait! I won't waste a second of it. And of course I will write more often, promise.

One good thing about school is that I have to do projects that require me to work one-on-one with students get to surround myself with kids on a regular basis. I visited the most adorable third grade classroom this morning, and really didn't want to leave. Oh, and this past weekend I had to complete a set of tests on three different children, so we had our family friends over for a bbq. Pretty good cover up, huh?

I felt bad that I had to test them when there were having so much fun, but I need to get over my disdain for testing (or maybe not). That is one part of teaching I just can't make myself enjoy; standardized testing is just torture. There are so many other ways to assess students, I don't need them to memorize facts and fill in bubbles thankyouverymuch. I do, however, understand that these tests are used to ensure that all children are receiving a quality education. But in reality they create an environment of stress, and teachers end up having to teach to the test. And what does that really accomplish? Oh well, I don't have time to keep ranting, I'll do that later I'm sure.

Here are a few pictures from this Sunday.








  1. Is that Hannah in the third picture down? Her eyelashes look amazing lol. And so does your hair!
    Proud of you, Mrs. Gray. Hang in there summer is just around the corner! WE WILL HAVE TIME FOR SO MANY ACTIVITIES. And our B&B <3

  2. I teach 8th grade and we're testing this week...I feel your pain completely. It's such a long week for the kiddos.

    Your photos are lovely!

  3. Liz- Yeah it's Hannah. She was crazy and went in the pool, so I think that's why they look like that :) And yes, I cannot wait until our vacation! Can we please start planning that soon?!

    Amy- Thank you! And I'm sure that's rough on you too. It's such a pain, but I suppose we just have to endure it. Someday I'm going to rewrite all standardized tests and make them fun for everyone! Wouldn't that be nice haha.

  4. Um hi, I'm a creep and want to hold that stranger's baby. Like, right now.

  5. aww...I love these kids! and I love these pictures!


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