Show & Tell

Well, hello again. Sorry for the short absence. I went out of town this weekend to visit one of my best friends, Katie. We went to Sequoia National Park on Saturday and played in the snow all day, it was fabulous. We spent the weekend talking, exercising, and eating lots of chocolate. I will post pictures soon. But, now it's back to reality. Today was the first day of my second semester of grad school. I have class Monday-Thursday from 4-10P. Ouch. Plus I have to teaching/tutoring hours for four of my classes.

Before I left on Friday I stopped by the new Goodwill in Sacramento. And it was ahhh-mazing. I can't wait to go back with Liz on Saturday. I only had a few minutes, and I was with one of my students, so I couldn't look at everything. But look at what I did find!

Floral Fabric- $.50
Green Thermos- $1.99
Holly Hobby Print- $1.99
Glass Owl Cup- $.50
Zippers (For a headband!)- $.99/piece
Jesus Christ Superstar Album (For Jordan)- $1.99

Also, my lovely sister just spend the last two weeks in Hawaii and came back with the most ridiculous tan that made me want to smack her (out of jealousy). But, she did get me presents!!! Oh, how I love presents. And how perfect is this- it's all plumeria stuff! Very appropriate I would say.

She got me a beautiful plumeria vase. I wooden plumeria bookmark. A plumeria root/stick/thing that I get to plant and grow (with help because I manage to kill even cactus). Annnnddddd, she even gave me a pearl- you know the kind that are still in the oyster and you get to open it up! I was so excited. I am taking it to a jeweler on Thursday to have it set in a silver ring.

Okay, Okay, that's enough show and tell for one night.


  1. nice thrift store finds! i love the green thermos. it's hard to find old school thermoses these days.

  2. i would love to go to sequoia national park someday! those thrift finds are amazing! our thrift stores don't have anything good here! poo. nice hawaiin gifts too!

  3. I can't wait for Saturday!
    I was there when you opened all of these show & tell items so I win. <3

  4. Emily- Best part of Kindergarten! That and recess of course.

    Iris- I know. I got a big plaid one for Christmas from Jordan, but he had to find it online. I was so excited when I found this one.

    Emalie- I wish I could go every weekend. My friend lives 30 minutes away, so jealous. And that stinks about the thrift stores- we have some pretty awesome ones. Maybe you'll have to come visit to go shopping!

    LizH- Who is Lizh? I think it may be my best friend, but who knows. hahaha.

  5. I want to go to goodwill with you and Liz on Saturday!!! I like to invite myself places. Sorry.

  6. HAHA what the hell. Stupid letter H trying to join in the party. ell to te no. {as punishment I ommited all h's from that last sentence}.

  7. Ashlee- I will tell Liz to call you... I don't have your number :(

    Liz- o ow nice of you to comment on my blog. Some oter Liz wrote me and I was confused. It's ecka ard to write witout tat letter!


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