Horton Hears A Who

Horton has had a pretty severe cough off and on for the past 4-5 months. We assumed at first that it was just kennel cough, but it didn't spread and it keeps coming back. So I took him into the vet today and they did a bunch of blood work and took x-rays. I was so nervous all day and I couldn't even eat. I know, I'm pathetic but I love my little guy. I got to look at the x-rays when I went back in. Apparently Horton's heart is slightly enlarged and he probably has asthma. They are sending the x-rays out to a have the lab look at them some more. We won't know until Monday exactly what's going on. Oh, and apparently Horton has digestive problems... he is now on a laxative. Lovely.

Okay, sorry for all that. Probably not the most interesting thing in the world. But for me, it is.

Oh, and can't you see the resemblance?! Or, maybe not.


  1. Oh no!! Poor Horton :( We are all sending good vibes his way even Wal--WALTER! I SAID VIBES NOT FARTS. Sorry. You know how he is.


  2. aw i've had a ill pet before and it's a horrible feeling. I hope the illness goes away.

  3. Are you saying that I look like an elephant too!?!
    tisk tisk!;)

  4. Walter- Excuse me, mister. You really need to control your gas. Or maybe you should talk to your vet... you might just be backed up like your bff.

    Emalie & Diana- Thank you. I hope we can get some medicine or something soon. I get sick worrying about him.

    Chelsea- Well I'm not the one that named you Horton, your parents did... maybe you should talk to them about this?! HAHA.

  5. AW! Soo cute! Lovee it. :) Xoxo-


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