Tag, You're It.

Uh oh, I got tagged by Iris. Now I'm supposed to post seven random facts about myself. This is gonna be pretty easy cause I'm so new to this whole blogging thing, and nobody knows much about me. Except that I love my dogs, husband, and making crafts. So here we go! (That was said in my best Mario accent)

1. I love Jesus. Nuff said.

2. I love school. So much, in fact, that it took me almost seven years to get my Bachelors degree in Liberal Studies. Now I'm in grad school, and am actually really enjoying it. I'm attempting to get both my special ed and multiple subject teaching credentials. I want to teach Special Ed, but I'm getting the other just to fall back on. In case I get burnt out, I'll teach 1st-3rd grade. See I really do love school, I plan on never leaving the classroom!

3. My sister is a fashion designer, and she's darn good. She made my wedding dress and I loved it so much. She also made the bridesmaids and flower girl's dresses. Oh, and the dress my mom wore. Yeah, she was stressed OUT the week before my big day. I, of course, was calm like always, HA HA HAA. This is also a really good excuse to show off a couple wedding pictures ;) Once I figure out the link to our slideshow, I'll share that with you as well.

Photos by Joel Flory

4. I'm afraid of the dark, and of clowns. Seriously afraid. I can't even post a picture of a clown here because I don't want to look at it. But those are just two of my irrational fears. I don't really want to embarrass myself by listing them all here. Here is a happy picture to get your mind off of clowns, yikes.

From WeHeartIt

5. I collect children's books. I especially LOVE LOVE LOVE picture books. I'm currently trying to collect all of the Dr. Seuss books, and I have quite a few already. I finally made a list so I could check them off because it started to get really confusing (Yes, I have 3 copies of Oh The Places You Will Go). I'm just worried that when I have kids they are going to ruin mommy's books. I think I'm a little over-protective of them?

6. My hips pop in and out of place so it makes Yoga really easy (sometimes). This is how I sit "Indian Style", and I don't feel a stretch at all.

7. I love moccasins. I have been wearing the same type since high school. Yes, since like 1999. I used to have to buy them in little Native American shops. Now they sell them at Nordstrom. I wear them with everything from dresses to jeans. I swear I have yet to find an outfit that doesn't go with them. You may disagree, but I'm not listening to you LALALALA.

K, now it's my turn to tag people. Problem is I'm new to this whole blog thing so I don't have enough names/blogs. Besides, Iris already tagged most of them, boohhoooo. Hopefully these lovely bloggers haven't been tagged yet: Shonna,Hannah,Chelsea, Emalie, Emily Anne


  1. You're too cute!! Thanks for tagging me, I'm looking forward to this:)
    xxoo chelsea
    p.s. your wedding dress....stunning

  2. Haha we both tagged Chelsea {she was mine first!!!} hahaha, just kidding. Our great minds are usually alike anyway. She is just so dang popular. Oh, and I still love you & think you're beautiful even if you're a freak with weird hips <3

  3. Your wedding dress is amazing, your sister really is pretty talented! & I think picture books is a pretty cool think to collect!

  4. Your wedding dress is stunning! How nice to have such a talented sister. :)

  5. lol i love your happy picture to distract from the clowns. i just recently discovered a few years ago that i'm not too keen on clowns either. i don't think i'd flip if i had to be in the same room as one, but if he tried to touch me i might take a swing at him.

  6. Chelsea- Yes, do it! And thank you.

    Liz- Psshhh, you also tagged me and I was already tagged. You are a nerd, but I LOOOVE you.

    Joanne- Thank you! She really is. I'm going to force her to write in her blog more- so check hers out when you get a chance :)

    Ashley- Thank you!

    Iris- Ahhhh I wouldn't even dare to swing at one. It would probably come back & kill you. Seriously I'm so afraid of them I would just cry. A lot.

  7. Thank you! and to answer your question: no I do not do the mag online. I send it out like a real magazine. :) Thanks!


  8. for me, sitting indian style is crazy painful. you make is look so easy!

  9. I love random facts! :).

    And your wedding dress was gorgeous! So unique, I loved it!

  10. Emily- Well, I think it's amazing! I can't wait to look through the blog some more.

    Katrina- My hips are just weird so don't feel bad! I'm not flexible in my legs, so it's okay.

    Brlracincwgrl- (Couldn't find your name) Thank you! You should post 7 things now.... ready, set, go :)

  11. Your wedding dress is awesome! Your sister is so talented!!

  12. i love your mocassans!!! Great post :)


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