Thanks, Papa

If you don't already know, I love handmade anything. I am surrounded by ridiculously talented people, and my house is proof of that. Jordan's "Papa" made us some (seriously) amazing furniture. It's the kind of stuff that will be passed down to our kids, and our kid's kids... He is one of those people that is good at everything he puts his mind too, it's annoying. But that's just me be jealous. Here are a few of the pieces we have snagged so far.

He made me this bookshelf after I graduated from Sac State last year. Hannah, my sister, painted that picture of Jordan & me for his birthday. Oh, & the cute painting of the girl is a paint-by-number my mom made when she was little. Why don't they make them that neat anymore? Unicorns are real cool and all, but come on?!

He also made our computer desk. But that room is way too messy to take a picture of right now. I need to work on my organizational skills, ASAP.

On an unrelated note, Horton wanted to say hello...

I'm still playing with my new phone & the camera apps. Don't mind Horton's evil eyes, or the graininess of everything else. Once I find my actual camera, I'll take some decent pictures for this blog. Promise.


  1. wow this is so precious. hand made furniture! i love.

  2. Lu, Thank you! I am always so proud to tell people, "Yep, our Papa made our furniture". Hehe.

  3. You already know how jealous I am of your furniture. Lucky bizzle.


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