Nobody Can Be Uncheered With A Balloon.

So, the other day I decided that I really want to paint a balloon (or a bunch of balloons) on my wall. I'm thinking about doing them on the wood panel wall in our living room. I figure it won't really matter because I'm the only person that actually likes hideous wood panelling. And when we move someday I'll just paint over the entire wall.

Here are some of the inspirations behind my newest obsession... I mean project:

(Pictures from WeHeartIt)

I'll make sure to post pictures once I finish. But only if it doesn't end in disaster.

& by the way, I'm thinking our kids are going to make an appearance in every post-

Jordan sent that to me while I was in class. Notice Horton's hoodie. It really says "Gangsta for life" & has gold money signs inside the hood. Yeah, he's amazing.


  1. Okay that balloon idea is fantastic! I will help. And hahahaha I love Horton in that thing. Walter needs a matching one since they're bff's & all.

  2. i agree balloons sound so pretty and fun! definitely take pictures!


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