Well, hello there.

So, here's my story (or why I made a blog)...

I married Jordan, my best friend, in June. Shortly after, I moved into his place- which was at the time a total bachelor pad. Yup, he even had a Budweiser mirror above his lovely green leather couch. And in place of curtains, he had his hats hanging on pegs above the sliding glass door. It was, ummm, classy? Well, since June I've been working my butt off making this place more ME. Here are a couple of the projects I've been working on.

My grandma's handmade doilies, turned into art.

My favorite corner.

& our first Christmas tree. Well, it's not completely decorated yet. But at least I got the pom pom garland finished (almost).

(Sorry for the odd colored pictures. I got a new phone today & am having fun with the toy cam app.)


  1. First off, your home is so amazing & I'm proud of you & all the hard work you've been putting into it.

    Secondly, I'm glad you love your blog layout. Lord knows it took me long enough and I was on the brink of braining someone with my keyboard but WE DID IT haha.

    Thirdly and most importantly. I love you, best friend. <3

  2. Liz, I love you more. You did such a great job on this. I especially love how it has your name at the bottom- so professional!

  3. i want a blog makeover! follow me!!

  4. Shonna! I have you on my google reader. I think I added you to this also. I love reading your blog. Makes me feel like I know what's going on :)

  5. Wow. It's lovely, and I'm sure it was no piece of cake to get rid of all the boy :)

  6. you are so cute! i'm a little craft-crazy too, so i'm loving all your ideas. :)


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