Party Planning.

Okay, now I realize it's June and I have another five months before my baby shower. But I love party planning and all the amazing ideas I've found on Pinterest. Even though my sister is going to throw the shower (she'll be home in early November), I decided I could put together a little something for inspiration. Yes, I'm that controlling SHH! Plus we are going to rent out the old Fair Oaks library building, because the guest list is about 80+ women. I can't wait.

{All images & sources via Pinterest}

What do you think? Ohh and Iris those are the cupcakes I told you about, yummm.


  1. love everything!!!!! where's my invite? ;)) xxoo

  2. All of that looks great and now I want lemonade! Darnit.

  3. Nice stripe straws! Great to make a non alcoholic drink fun!

  4. Lemonade (in jars - ♥) and fruit in cones are da bomb! lol

  5. haha i can't wait either! loving all your ideas!

    p.s. reese's chocolate peanut butter cupcakes?! YES PLEASE!

  6. Sooo cute :) I love the grilled cheese appetizer. Makes me want an invite, haha!

    xo, Brittan


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