Last night we went to a pre-grand opening for the Yard House in Roseville. I was so excited to go out with Jordan and a couple of my favorite friends. Until I ate that is, and everything went downhill. I ended up practically running out of the restaurant and crying the entire way home because I was so sick. But this is just a preview of what my days have become lately.

My first trimester went pretty wonderfully, minus the being extremely exhausted part. But then my summer job started up again, and everything has gone downhill. Working 40 hours a week, 80% of which are spent in the hot sun, with 20 something very energetic 7-year-olds has taken it's toll on me. My migraines have come back with a vengeance and the nausea that I was so happy to have avoided until now has been hitting me pretty hard. I had to ask my boss for one day off a week, specifically field trip days because those are the hardest, and I knew one of the lifeguards would fill in for me. While he wasn't exactly pleased, he made it work and I now have Wednesdays off.

Now I'm just praying that the little mid-week break from all the madness will provide rest my body is begging for. And hopefully I'll have a positive update soon.


  1. awe i'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. you definitely should take time off to get the much needed rest you and the baby need. i do however, LOVE, seeing your little baby bump!

  2. Your baby bump is adorable! So happy for you and Jordan -- if you find out baby is a girl, I have a bunch of cute newborn clothes that are winter related (people didn't always factor in the seasons when they bought for my showers) that you are more than welcome to have! I'm sorry you're having such a rough time with nausea -- it will get better eventually (say in 6 more months). <3

  3. aww, get better! that was the worst part for me--the sickness. :(
    you're a trooper! : )

  4. When my sister was pregnant she taught me all the cures for her very queasy pregnancy.

    Lemon heads, bananas and tea. I'm not pregnant but they are now my go to when my stomach is upset. Lemon heads work the best.

  5. Oh no! :( I'm so sorry - I hope you start to feel better soon. <3


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