Like Pickles & Peanut Butter.

My lovely husband, Jordan, and I have completely different ideas of what jokes are funny, what good music sounds like, what should be considered art, and just about every thing else under the sun. He likes to blast rap music or of course my all time favorite- metal, while I love listening to my dad's old Simon and Garfunkel records. He comes home laughing about some pretty crude jokes he hears from the guys at work, while I still giggle at jokes about chickens crossing roads. If you haven't gotten the picture yet, check out his tumblr and see for yourself. I love him to death, but I think what makes our marriage work {no matter how ridiculous it may be} is how different we really are.

Except that just the other day, while checking out his tumblr and looking through the ridiculous pictures he posted, I saw this letterpress card. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. For some reason, we finally found something we both think is funny! I know you are probably thinking, big deal, but trust me it is a BIG deal. I definitely had to go buy this card today. This may be the only time in our lives we both laugh at the same thing... well, except for Family Guy of course.


Those poor unicorns.


  1. my husband and i are quite different ourselves. so i know the feeling. ..and i'm pretty sad that the unicorns didn't make it.

  2. i LOVE this entire post & especially that card.


  3. haha love this! and yes it IS a big deal that you can jordan can finally agree on this as i've seen his tumblr.

  4. Hi, I'm stopping by from Where My Heart Resides. I loved your guest post! Your pictures are gorgeous!

    My husband and I have different senses of humor too. I'm not sure what he would think about this postcard but I think its hilarious!


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