Project ThreeSixtyFive: Week Five.

Another week down. I'm loving doing this 365 project even though it's a lot of work. I also had a little set back this week when my dad installed the latest operating system on my MacBook and all my actions were deleted. But my Photoshop finally runs fast, and my computer is so much better! At least this week's pictures are better then last (those were embarrassing).


//i left my heart in africa necklace//healthy snacks//grandma's ring//hairspray with jordan//first day of february//self-portrait//prettiest dog in the world//

PS I hate the word embarrassing. I'm usually a great speller- but that stupid word gets me every time.


  1. I love that africa necklace so much.

  2. I need that Africa necklace. Like yesterday.

    Valentines Day? I think so.

  3. Lauren & Larissa- They really are awesome & only $25! All proceeds go to support my sister's missionary work too- so that makes it even better :) http://hannahlenore.goodsie.com

  4. I get super overwhelmed with 365, but the idea of putting it up on one day is pretty genius.

    I love your little bb pup!

  5. Diana- It's really not as hard as it seems. I would love to see yours if you did one!

  6. that very first necklace is so so pretty! and is that dog cute or what??!!

  7. What a cute dog!
    ps. I am a terrible speller.. "Definitely" is the word that drives me insane!


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