Mrs. Perry.

Over winter break I got to sub as the librarian at the elementary school where I student teach. It was a blast because I got to teach every class, and I got to know a majority of the kids on campus. But the weird part was that on the first day at least ten different kids, from all different grades, said I looked like Katy Perry. Up until then I didn't even know what she looked like- I went home the first night and google image searched her. At first it was just, "Mrs. Gray you look like Katy Perry!" or "Are you related to Katy Perry?". But because I'm mainly talking about 10-12 year olds, things have gotten out of control. I'm now known as 'Mrs. Perry' by a majority of the sixth graders, and even had someone scream "Hey look, it's Katy Perry!" at me while I was pumping gas one afternoon.

I honestly DON'T see the resemblance at all! But I'm a good sport about it- I guess it's kind of funny, and only slightly obnoxious.

Oh yeah, and I had a group of girls beg me to sing one of her songs. They thought I was insane when I didn't know any of them. Not that I would have sung one if I did!


  1. Haha, I get that alllllll the time too! I don't think I look anything like her though.

  2. I can see a relation!
    You should take it as a compliment!
    She is pretty!
    And so are you!

  3. I never would have come to this conclusion on my own, but I do see it!! I get told I look like Mary Louise Parker (from Weeds) quite a bit. I just smile and take it as a huge compliment because she is beautiful!

  4. katy perry is gorgeous so eat up the compliments for as long as they last! now that i see the pictures side by side i do see it!

  5. at least they will be paying attention in math now!


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