Project ThreeSixtyFive: Week Two.

I finished my second week of pictures, even with all the stress of subbing in 5th grade and as the school librarian (which is insane by the way- I have so much respect for librarians after this week). So now I think I might actually be able to do this project once school starts.


//game night with jordan, hannah & kevin//my pretty sister//hannah's hands//hanging out with the kids//subbing as librarian//how i spend my evenings//just me//


  1. i love your hair! and the puppers are adorable :)

  2. i really, really like your blog... a lot. :)

    p.s. yay for fellow redheads. <3

  3. I love the photos as well. Game night is the best. So, is anyone with a valid teaching license allowed to sub as a librarian? Do you think the librarian part was hard, or the subbing? (working on my teaching license too).

  4. great photos! I just love these projects!


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