Nerd Alert.

Oh boy, here's a great time to start making fun of me. I am such a nerd for posting this, but it's my blog & I can do what I want, right? Jordan was giving me the hardest time for this one. Hannah was over last night, and we decided we would do a really good job at casting for the Hunger Games. So we told Jordan that he & Kevin needed to make dinner while we got to work. Yes, Hollywood called us & asked us to take over the casting so the movie could begin production next month. So after much debate, here is our list for the main characters (and NO, we did not include anyone from Twilight thankyouverymuch):

Katniss- Emily Browning {Have you seen Lemony Snicket? This girl is beautiful & she can act}

Gale- Ben Barnes {Oh hello, Price Caspian}

Peeta- Hunter Parrish {Not the hottest actor, but he's adorable in Weeds & Peeta needs to be "adorable"}

Finnick- Garrett Hedlund {The only problem with casting Garrett as Finnick is that they will need to make Finnick's role bigger so we can see more of him}

Primrose- Elle Fanning

Rue- Jadagrace {Adorable little girl, looks like Rue, plus she can sing & remember Rue sang to the birds)

Haymitch- Hugh Laurie {He's the best drunk on TV, and he's my favorite}

President Snow- Peter Gallagher {He's got the creepy factor, Hollywood just needs to age him a bit}

Cinna- James Mardsen

Madge- Taylor Swift {HAHA, well this was OUR casting call so we could pick whoever we wanted, regardless of acting ability. We love Taylor & it's a small role, so hush up}

Okay, so who else is excited about this movie? I just wish they would get started already, sheesh.


  1. YES! Please cast Garrett Hedlund ;)

  2. This is awesome!! I'm reading Mockingjay right now! I cant wait to see this as a movie series

  3. You are a dork--but I love you. This is awesome. I knew you'd love the series :)

  4. Too fun. I am every bit as much a dork as you. I love your pick for Katniss! Peeta too. And I think he is cute :)


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