At A Glance.

To celebrate the new year, I put up my 2011 letterpress calendar from Ilee Papergoods. I bought this recently at Renegade & have been anxious to put it up ever since. I used Katie's technique of using clothespins to hang them on the wall in our little entrance.


Also, yesterday for my mom's birthday we went up to Jackson County area to do a little antique store hunting. We stopped at that creepy, yet ridiculously amazing, antique store I blogged about awhile back and this time the owner was actually around. He was exactly as I had imagined, and can be summed up with this conversation we overhead him having with a fellow shopper:

Owner: "Somedays I just wish a big ol' earthquake would hit"
Shopper: "Why because you have insurance?"
Owner: "Nope, I just wanna go fishin'"

He was adorable, and so are the three flowered tins I bought from him, which are now sitting in the entry way under the calendar.

PS Happy New Year! Have a fun & safe night. As my yoga instructor said, "be careful, what you do on New Year's Eve is a good indicator how you will be spending the rest of the year".


  1. you little entry way looks too cute!

    p.s. per your yoga instructors advice: does this mean i'll spend all of 2011 intoxicated?

  2. This letter press calendar looks great, especially the way you hung it. I also love that (antelope?). It's really cool. I miss my favorite antique mall and all of the crazy but very sweet people that worked there. I used to buy old photos from this weird only man who told me he'd "never met a camera he didn't like."


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