Ghost Towns.

On Sunday, Jordan suggested that we go up to Amador County for lunch. It was such a fun day, and ended up being quite the little adventure. At our first stop, a huge rattle snake slithered across our parking spot and decided to hang out under the car next to my door. Instead of running away [like me], Jordan, and a few other guys that came over to see the snake, decided to taunt the stupid thing with rocks in attempt to get a picture. Boys will be boys, right? At least he made it out alive, I suppose. We ended up going to quite a few little antique stores, a museum, and had lunch in an adorable ice cream shop.





Then, the weirdest thing happened. On our way home, we passed through a small town called Drytown. There was an antique store on the side of the freeway with it's doors wide open, and a bunch of stuff on display outside. We pulled over, and went inside. This place was insane. The picture below is only a small part of the front of the store. It was packed from ceiling to wall with stuff, and a lot of it was actually really good antiques. I found a bunch of amazing cross stitches, and a whole collection of beer steins [Jordan collects them]. Nothing had prices on them, however, so I asked Jordan to find the owner. Well, guess what? He couldn't find anyone. We looked and looked, but we were all alone. Outside there was a truck, with it's keys just sitting on a table nearby. We even went to the antique furniture store next door, but it was empty as well. Jordan got creeped out and said if we stayed any longer, we'd probably get murdered by the 'town-folk'. I didn't want to leave without all the stuff I found, but he won [for now]. Our conclusion was that the owner was either drunk at the bar across the street, or was killed and we just didn't see the body.


And I'm being serious when I say that this picture only shows a small part of the store. Crazy, huh? I can't wait to go back.


  1. Man that sounds so super fun, I've been ITCHING to take the bf to one of AZ's little ghost towns recently on a long weekend.

    And omg you never found the owner??? What would've happened if you wanted to buy some stuff???

  2. The picture of you cracks me up because you do NOT look happy lol.

    That sounds like a fun little day! Crazy about that store and nobody being in it. I would have jut taken the stuff. Lol.

  3. i love your "not amused" face. sounds like an amazing sunday! lol @ jordan re: getting murdered by town folk. i'm pretty sure most horror movies start like that.

  4. If you want sutff like that store, come out here. There is a small canal town about an hour away in Indiana called Metamora and they specialize in that stuff.


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