A Perfect Fall Day.

One of my favorite things to do is to plan out exactly what I would do if I had a free day, with no obligations, no homework, and no worries. Here is what my 'perfect fall day' would look like:

9a Holy Yoga (I got the DVDs in the mail this weekend & I'm in love).
10a Breakfast & coffee with Jordan in the village.
11p Horse-back ride along the river.
1p Picnic lunch with (& prepared by) Jordan.
2p Apple Hill with a few favorite people.
6p Dinner at my parent's house.
8p Board games back at home.
10p  Fall asleep while reading a good book.

And, of course, the weather would be about 70 degrees with just a few fluffy clouds in sight, I would be able to sneak in a nap, all of my favorite people would be in town, and my hair would cooperate so any pictures taken would come out good. That's all I would need to have a perfect fall day, sounds reasonable enough to me. But enough day dreaming for one day, back to reality.

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  1. Can we please have this day soon? Thanks.

  2. Sounds absolutely perfect. Especially the Apple Hill part!

  3. sounds like such a perrrfect day. I wish I had days like those more often especially during fall/winter. You create such lovely posts in your blog and I truly am glad that I've found your blog. You never seize to amaze me my lovely.

  4. that day sounds heavenly! although i'll be honest, i'd be a little afraid to ride a horse

  5. you are a dork...but I would have to agree that you do need to have a good hair day for it to be perfect!

    But it is a perfect day! especially the board games!

  6. wow what a perfect day. sounds like so much fun. :)

  7. Ah, I love this. I have a lot of days that are obligation-free right now and none of them look like that :(
    I've been meaning to try Holy Yoga for so long!



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