Face Decorations.

Sorry I've been a little MIA this week, but student teaching is taking a toll on me and my days are usually pretty pathetic: teach, nap, school, sleep, repeat. One of my kids even "fired" me the other day. He screamed (in a ridiculously evil voice) "YOU'RE FIRED, MRS. ORANGE HAIR!!!" At least some days are humorous, right?

In other news, I really need new glasses and I think I've found the perfect pair. But, of course, they are (temporarily) sold out of the color I want so I have to wait. Booo. See, the problem is that my eyes are really far apart and I have a large head, so it's hard to find glasses that fit properly. Even when glasses are wide, they generally aren't spaced out in the middle any more than a normal pair. But Warby Parker has a pair that are further apart! Most glasses have a 17mm bridge but these are 22mm, which I'm hoping makes a big enough difference.


I think they are perfect, but I'm not sure they are worth the wait? My poor eyes need help fast.


  1. you are adorable and those glasses are adorable. i think they are totally worth the wait, but then again, glasses are like my obsession...i'll do just about anything for a good pair!

  2. awe, but sparklers are the best! You can pretend that they're wands, would that help? I hope that you're a Harry Potter fan or else that would not have worked.

    I'm really happy that you're sister is making a difference by being in Africa.

  3. I like how your birthday is on the fourth of July :)

    Do you?

  4. those are super cute! they would look lovely on you! that reminds me i need to go to the eye doctor soon, i think i'm becoming blinder than i already am!

  5. Emily- Thank you :) And I hope I can wait, but I've never been a very patient person haha.

    Abigail- I know it's sad, but I've never read Harry Potter! I've been meaning to though. Maybe that will help with the sparkler situation. And I do like it somewhat... although it's wasted on me b/c I don't like fireworks :)

    Iris- You should get some from the same place! They are only $95 and there are sooo many that would look adorable on you!

  6. Those will look so adorable on you!! Get them :)


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