New Favorite.

Katie surprsied me with one of her adorable bow belts yesterday, and I am obsessed. I have a plain leather belt that I wear with every dress, and it can finally be replaced with something much cuter.

And by the way, I decided to re-do my living room and it's already looking so much better. I needed a lot of help from Katie yesterday, as I'm slightly color blind and completely incapable of visualizing things. I will share pictures as soon as I finish.


  1. love your belt! you are quickly becoming one of my fav blogs :)

  2. SUPAH cute!! It's perfect with your boots! Katie told me to measure myself for one too. I can't decide between this brown one or the gray one. Maybe I'll pick gray so we can just share ;)

  3. It looks so good on you! I love my Darlingtonia belt :]

  4. Cuuuute outfit! I'm so loving on those belts.


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