They Really Do Say The Darndest Things.

I need to start a journal of all the hilarious quotes I hear as a teacher. Here are a few of my most recent favorites:

Me: "B", I LOVE your boots. I'm going to have to find those in adult sizes.
"B": Ohhh no, Mrs. Gray they have a heal and if you wear them you will bunk your head when you try to go inside! {I'm 6 feet tall, and apparently won't fit inside if I wear heals}

Me: How was your vacation "M"?
"M": It was VERY VERY VERY good!
Me: Oh yeah, why was it so good?
"M": Because I got to see a dead donkey! I hope I get to see another one someday.

"G": {While poking my leg} Mrs. Gray, you are verrry squishy! Are your bones squishy too?

"Z": {In the most pathetic whiny voice you've ever heard} Ohhhh nooo, my hair feels very OLD today.

Me: "G", when I talk to you look at me please.
"G": {Finally looks in my eyes and starts screaming/laughing hysterically} MRS. GRAY, YOU LOOK LIKE A SCARY EVIL ROBOT LADY!

Yeah, Kindergarten is pretty fun.

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  1. i don't know what i love more: that they call you mrs. gray for that they think you're so tall you barely fit in the building. haha too cute!

  2. That's so funny :) I love the "my hair feels very OLD" comment. That's so adorable. My roommate is a kindergarten teacher, so I get to hear things like this sometimes. It makes me kind of want a kid myself!

  3. That is so awesome! Your students sound very fun!

    Oh & I asked my Aunt if she knows Bob & Betty Gray, because she is from McCloud as well & she does. And my grandparents know them too :). Their names are John & Margaret Peracchino.

    By the way, your blog is super cute!

  4. hahaaa I love it! Please share more!

    What do you say back to the squishy bones? Wobble?

  5. Sarah- Seriously, it makes putting on my "serious teach face hard".

    Iris- I still don't always answer to Mrs. Gray! It makes me feel so old haha.

    Kristi- I go home every single day wishing I had a kid! Even when they are all being bad, they are just so adorable.

    Sarah- What a small world! Next time I'm in McCloud you will have to visit your grandparents and we can all meet up <3

    Martha- I was SPEECHLESS when he said that. It didn't help that I spent the morning trying on different outfits because I felt big hahaha. Way to go kiddo :)

  6. Haha, I teach elementary art and we're doing shape robots with Kinder right now. SO hilarious! Every time I say robot someone starts doing the robot or talking in a robot voice!


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