Get The Redhead.

While floating down the river the other day, someone on the shore yelled out "Get the redhead!" to the person throwing water balloons at passing rafts. Well, what do you think my reaction was? While I should have been a little irritated that he was aiming at my head, I was just happy to be called a "redhead". It's my life goal to fool everyone into thinking I'm a natural ginger. I am obsessed with red hair [over the past few years I've had my hair every shade of red imaginable], and pray there is some fluke in my DNA so I can have little red-headed children.

That's all, just wanted to share with you how ridiculous I am.

The image above is a print by Sarah Jane Studios, one of my all-time favorite artists on Etsy. I can't believe I still don't own anything by her.


  1. I'm also a faux redhead who loves when people think it's natural. I've had different shades of red hair for about 10 years now, so sometimes I even fool myself. It's great.

  2. You're a ginger-lover?? I knew I liked you. ;)

  3. You aren't a natural red-head? You could have fooled me. I love your hair. It's so beautiful.

  4. You do look like a natural red head!! My mom was born with bright red curly hair. She's gone gray over the years; she has dyed it brown and hated her red. The weird part is my brother (we're half Japanese keep in mind) had red leg hairs and has a red beard (and i don't want to think of what else is red, lol).

  5. If you factor in the amount of red hair dye, and factor in our uncle (through marriage) red hair DNA, the possiblity of you having ginger children is...well is about the same as me thinking i'll turn black when I move to Africa...but we can keep on wishing.


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