HowTo ToDo.

I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, I don't know how you other bloggers do it. I don't know if I stopped writing because my life got too hectic, or just too boring. Probably both.

Here is just one more to do list. I know, I know. I have OCD when it comes to list making, but this one was a lot of fun to make, so I had to share. Here is my DIY To-Do List:

Rag Rug (I REALLY want to make this one) by Oda May.

Plush Alphabet by Holly.

Slide Lamp by Yarn Zombie.

Painted Sihouettes from Design Sponge.

Lightbulb Terrariums by Hipster Home.

Hand-Painted Cup & Saucer from Etsy.

Cork Containers from Design Sponge.

Colorful Pouf from Design Sponge.

K, now who wants to have a craft night with me?


  1. Love all these projects! I really want to do the cork containers. They would be so fun to decorate. :)

  2. Like you even have to ask. ME duh! I made the cork containers last night. Yes, I made one for Relay for Life too :) Post later today on them!

  3. oohh...these look super fun! the slide lamp the best!!!

  4. Meeeee! Those painted silhouettes are SO cuties. Can we get a craft date on the cal soon?

  5. We use to make those rugs in GS...remember? or at least I did (or started one at least)

  6. love these! i think i'll try a couple of them, especially the braided rug and alphabet letters (for my daughter)!


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