The Food Tunnel.

I almost forgot about this. I am busting up laughing right now, this is just too funny.

Last night Liz and Glenn came over, and Jordan went to bed early. So by the time I was ready for bed, he was sound asleep. When I hopped into bed, he jumped up and swung at me. Seriously, almost knocking me out. I still had the light on so I saw him coming at me, and was able to duck out of the way. He screamed "HEY!", as he tried to punch me in the face. I automatically started laughing hysterically, and asked him what in the world was wrong with him. He then said (not joking), "I was trying to move the food tunnel out of the way." When I asked him what a "food tunnel" was, he answered "You know, like in the Jetsons, the food tunnel that feeds you. It was in the way." He then turned over and started snoring.

Dear dream interpreters, please tell me what the heck is wrong with my husband?


  1. That is funny and cute. :) Good thing you ducked!

  2. HAHAHA. All hilarity aside, if Glenn tried to punch me in his sleep I would definitely punch him back LOL.

  3. lol you seriously need to start recording this stuff!

  4. when i was a kid and watched the jetsons i thought i would live in space when i was max 20. i hit that 20 mark 7 years ago and i'm still on earth...


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