Your Hands.

Okay, yes it's Monday. And yes, this is a music post. But this is by no means a Music Monday post, because I am not going to start that. Not that I don't love MM, I am just too picky to have a new artist to feature every week. Sorry.

But I just had to share this artist with you. I recently started hearing JJ Heller's song, Your Hands, on the radio, and I fell in love. Then my sister gave me her CD last week, and I fell even harder. She exemplifies everything I love about music. Her voice is beautiful, the lyrics are inspiring, and well I'm sucker for anything acoustic and folky.

I searched and searched for a video of her singing this, but I figured you could all handle one with just lyrics. And if you still aren't satisfied, go to her website and buy her CD, Painted Red, it will NOT disappoint.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough look how adorable she and her family are.


  1. Gah! Thanks for sharing! She is AMAZING. I love finding new music as much as the next person but like you, I am SO picky.

    Thank you thank you thank you!


    And that baby just makes it 100x.

  2. Robin- She really is, huh? You must buy her CD Painted Red. You won't be able to stop listening, I promise.


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