Dandelion Gray.

I cannot wait to have kids. Okay, I can wait a little while. But I am really excited, and so is Jordan.

Awhile ago we came up with a name for our future son, Royce Maitland Gray. Royce was Jordan's great grandfather, and Maitland is my brother's middle name. Maitland was also my great (great?) grandfather as well? I need to look into that. But regardless, I am in love with that name.

And then the other day I came up with my girl name. I was a little worried that Jordan would just laugh at me, but he actually seems to be considering it. Maybe because he knows how much I love it, and he's probably afraid I'll cry if he says he doesn't like it. Which, to be honest, I probably will.

I want to name my daughter Dandelion Lenore Gray. Dandelions have always been my favorite, and Lenore is my sister's middle name. I absolutely adore this name. So please don't laugh too hard, or just don't tell me when you do.

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  1. If it were anybody else I'd say you were crazy. But I can totally see you having some little hippie wild child named Dandelion running around :)

  2. I think it's adorable. <3 great to have positive thoughts about the future too!

  3. Lol my best friend named her baby lily winter grace Hoffman so don't feel like an oddball. I think its a beautiful name!

  4. i love those names! we have our names picked too lol.

  5. Liz- And you know she will totally be wild! My favorite kind of child.

    Chelsea- Thank you, the more I think about it the more I love it.

    Valerie- Ohh my, I love that name! Maybe if I have another daughter I will name her Winter. Jordan is going to kill me.

    Emalie- What are your names???

  6. hey i love your pictures! i so cute!
    i follow your blog. I love it!
    weell i hope that you can visit my blog.

  7. those are adorable names!
    ps: i love your blog, SO cute!

  8. I really like it! I told you I would think about it...and I really like it! You should ask dad what he thinks. hehe that would be funny! oh and Lenore is some Great Great something or other also! I'll Look into that as well!

  9. That's such a tough manly name for boy and I love the girl's name. I think it's a great combo of heritage.

    We want to name our son or daughter Dylan, after Scott's musical idol, Bob Dylan and one of my favorite poets, Dylan Thomas.

  10. I promise I won't laugh, especially since if I ever had kids I would name them names you'd give your dog, like Sprinkles or Scruffy lol

  11. girl-Kathyrn (Kitty) Bernadette Allred
    boy-Knox Carter Allred

  12. Paula- Hello! Thank you. I will make sure to check out your blog :)

    Megan- Thank you!

    Hannah- I figure I should just not say anything until after I have the birth certificate haha.

    Diana- I love the name Dylan, and I love Bob Dylan- so perfect!

    Iris- You are totally going to have a little girl named Sprinkles, or Cupcake hahaha.

    Emalie- I LOVE the name Knox! Those are both so perfect.


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