Lay 'Em Down.

I normally wouldn't do a music post. I probably don't listen to the same music as you, and I don't know much about music. My first semester at UCSB I failed Music Appreciation. Seriously, didn't even know that was possible. But I do actually appreciate music, a lot. I know what makes me smile, and what makes me cry. And if a song can do both of those things at once, I'm in love. At the moment I can't stop listening to NeedToBreathe. They even had a song on P.S. I Love You, one of my favorite movies ever.

Also,  I can't wait for the Rock and Worship Roadshow. David Crowder and MercyMe, are my other favorites right now. If you haven't heard of David Crowder, look them up. What other band uses a Guitar Hero guitar and a keytar in the same show? 

Okay, Okay. If you don't like Christian music as much as I do, I apologize for this post. Well, not really. You are just missing out ;) 


  1. I love David Crowder! One of my favorite albums is Can You Hear Us. For sure changed my view of Christian music.

  2. Diana- Have you seen them live??? I don't think I've ever sang so loud, or laughed so hard. That concert is only $10, you have to go if they come near you!

  3. So love this song. and also one of my fav bands now!!

  4. Elise- You have to listen to the rest of their songs, seriously you will have them on repeat for hours!

  5. i just found an older record used (i think it was called the heat or the hot or something). Love it. I'm actually trying to talk my dad into the r&wr...i really wanna go!


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