2010 Update.

Instead of a new year's resolution this year, I wrote out a list of 20 things I wanted to do in the year 2010. I've already started a few, and am actually doing a lot better than I thought I would. What is amazing is this is the first year I haven't had a resolution, and I've already kicked a bad habit and started two really great ones (yoga and running). I'm also learning to spend more time on me, which includes focusing on things I want to change both inwards and out. I'm trying to reduce my anxiety and improve my health. I'm also determined to kick my addiction to wearing vnecks and jeans every single day. I realized Liz was right when she said I only wear 10% of the things I own. And with that in mind, I am going to do more outfit posts. God only knows how much I love taking pictures of myself.

Here is an update on the things I have crossed off my 2010 list. The things that I am in the midst of accomplishing, or plan to start in the next week, are written in larger text.

Learn how to sew. Run 5 miles without stopping (or having an asthma attack). Finish my wedding scrapbook. Complete my Dr. Seuss collection. Style School. Learn how to play chess. Fix up my small blue suitcase. Buy a toy camera. & learn how to use it. Bake a (good) loaf of bread. Spend a whole weekend with Grandpa. Plant a garden. Finally go on a B&B vacation with Liz. Buy a typewriter. Spend a weekend in my pjs, with Jordan, doing absolutely nothing except laughing/smiling/beingkids. Find new antique stores & flea markets & awesome thrift stores. Go to three different states with Jordan, on three different occasions. Finish our Lystography book. Spend time @ the house of prayer. See a ballet and a musical. Have fun, smile, relax, and pray (a lot).

Sorry if this is a bit repetative, but writing about it is a good way to stay motivated. So, how are you all doing on your New Year's resolutions or lists?

Oh, & on an unrelated note. I found this on weheartit and decided I need this written on my door. Something we all should be reminded of as we leave our homes each morning.


  1. I'm so proud of you. It's still only February and you're doing so much! I envy your free time but I def don't envy your school schedule lol. We totally need to go on that B&B I can't wait. I love you!

  2. you can do it ashley! aja aja!

    p.s. i wanna see more outfit posts too!

  3. Liz- Yeah, I would give it up for a normal work schedule though. I spend too much time alone! And yes, we need to plan our trip. Let's set a date soon?

    Iris- My little cheerleader! I promise to do more, I took some pictures the other day but Hannah has my camera. I felt like such a nerd with the tripod, taking pictures all by my lonesome.


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