Crafts, Carbs, and Project Runway

Style School started and I'm having so much fun with it! The other night we had a great girl's night at Ashlee's (grown-up) house. Liz and Iris are also in Style School so we worked on our wreaths- the first project. We also had way too many carbs and screamed at the TV during Project Runway.

Here is my wreath. I finally learned how to make these adorable fabric yo-yo/flowers. I also tried to learn how to finger knit- but failed miserably. I swear I'm going to figure that out this week, or I'll go crazy.

I have been having so much fun crafting and hanging out with my kids. Yeah, when I say kids I mean my dogs & husband- he is definitely still a kid. But school starts next Monday and I'm dreading it. I do love school, but grad school is so overwhelming. I have class Monday-Thursday from around 4-9P. I also have to do a lot of "lab" hours in different elementary classrooms. Oh well, I promise not to neglect this blog... I am loving it way too much.


  1. Love your wreath! I want to learn how to make the little yoyo flowers. Also, could the title of this post be any better?

  2. Look how cute we are. I hung up my wreath too I'm posting on it today :)

  3. I love your wreath too! these pictures don't do it justice because it's so freaking pretty!

  4. Ashley- Thank you. Here is a really great tutorial on how to make those flowers- http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/photos/how_to_make_a_yoyo/hbyoyotutorial1.html

    Liz- I can't wait to seeee!

    Iris- I know, I hate the lighting in my house. But then again I should stop using that darn toy cam app so much hahaha.


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